The foundation believes in the critical role artists play in our communities—challenging boundaries, creating new narratives, and reflecting on the changing tides that impact our collective experience.


With the goal of supporting smaller organization’s development of unique artistic experience, the New Works program draws inspiration from the founding vision of Phyllis Wattis. Grants will support daring and diverse projects across various disciplines, while celebrate the inimitable creative spirit of the Bay Area.

PLEASE NOTE: The New Works grants cycle (previously scheduled to open on July 6, 2020) is on hold for 2020.


In lieu of project-based funding for New Works, the foundation will open a second round of relief grants focused on unrestricted support for small Bay Area arts organizations. Learn more and apply for funding here. 

  • Project budgets must be $150,000 or below

  • Organization budgets must be $2,500,000 or below

  • Grants will be awarded between $5,000–$25,000

  • Projects must be completed within one year of receiving funds

  • Priority will be given to projects featuring a majority representation of Bay Area-based artists and contributors

  • Priority will be given to projects that feature collaboration between multiple artists, groups, and/or organizations; collaborative projects must limit submission to one LOI, designating a lead organization as the primary applicant

  • Once a grant has been awarded, recipients must complete a 12-month rest period from after the completion of the project, before requesting subsequent support.
    (Ex: if a grant is received in June 2020, the recipient will not be eligible to apply until the June 2022 cycle.)


If you have questions about application content such as project scope or type of request, please contact Jessi Misslin, Senior Program Officer, at

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