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The foundation requires a brief report marking the completion of the funded work (New Works grants) or operating cycle (Legacy Grants) outlining the use of grant funds. Reports must be submitted through our online system and are due at the completion of the funded project and/or within the time frame stated on the grant agreement letter. The grant report form can be accessed by clicking the “Grant Reports to Complete” icon in the grants portal.


Please contact the foundation’s grants manager, Tatiana Gordon, if you have questions about your report or need assistance accessing the portal. Tatiana can be reached at or 415-561-6540 x280.

The foundation is proud to feature examples of supported works through its online channels, including this website and social media platforms. Grantees are asked to share samples of high-resolution, digital images (.jpg/.png/.pdf are all suitable file formats) featuring the funded work/program, including relevant photographer credits. To submit work samples or ask questions about the process, please contact Tatiana Gordon.

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